Yang Tai Chi – The Original Way ?

Before Tai Chi became a system consisting of slow movements and hypnotic grace it was crude and it was for fighting, we sometimes forget that Tai Chi is or was a combat art and not just a way of slowly moving which sited just old people, it was for battle hardened warriors, the dance is a way of hiding the inner meaning of Tai Chi, what is the point of yin the slow and the soft without the yang which is hard and fast ?

Tai Chi symbol Yin and Yang



The symbol of Tai Chi gives us all that we need to know, it points to the theory of Tai Chi which is balanced yin and yang not just yin and not just yang but both and this must be the way that it was meant to be or Tai Chi would have been named the slow and nice looking dance which is good for old people only, but as most of us know Tai Chi’s full title is a translation of “Supreme ultimate fist” looking at the way modern Tai Chi is shown would lead you to believe that by doing this slow dance you will have supreme ultimate fighting prowess, this could be very dangerous, it reminds me of when some cult leaders of the past would promise you everything that you dreamed of if you just jump of a cliff and die for them, mmm, most people would see that this could cause a lot of trouble for the followers of such cults, I sometimes think that a similar thing is happening with Tai Chi, with leaders saying do what I say and one day you will be like me, but please don’t leave this training hall and tell anyone just in case I have to defend myself against someone who doesn’t play the game. Don’t get me wrong I love Tai Chi but I think that some teachers offer false hope and non fulfilling promises of greatness. If you want to use Tai Chi as a form of self defense I think you must express  the yang side of Tai Chi.

This is me punching a tree it is a Wellingtonia which has got a soft bark, it is know locally as a punch tree, I have stood in the second jam jong position

to bring up energy get the feeling and focus and I am trying to express some yang energy into the tree and receiving some yin energy back it feels good, there is no right way or wrong way to do Tai Chi, so I have decided after many years to try some new ways of doing things, Tai Chi is about freedom of expression so why box yourself in and not try experiments, what is the worst thing that can happen ? Someone may say that is wrong, but know one knows where Tai Chi really came from so no one can say that is wrong and this is right.

It is quite easy to get carried away when it comes to Tai Chi, because if you read books on it you will find that there is always “more to come”, but life will not wait for you to take thirty or forty years to get good a fighting art or martial art, because by the time you get good at doing the form you will realize that it is too late, I think that sometimes it is better to look at what you are doing, read about the theories , watch others who have shown that they can do what they claim they can do, find people who are open and willing to exchange views and not to follow blindly because he or she says a great master taught them, thing like Bruce Lee and ask questions and do experiments this is original Tai Chi this the origins of how it began. Imagine an old sage of yesteryear who is set upon or challenged in some way who says I will do this move or that move and ends up beaten to pulp, would you want to learn from that man ?  There is no point learning and re learning things that don’t do what they say on the tin. “Supreme Ultimate Fist”, there has to be more to it than just a slow dance, so suggest look, listen watch and learn and disregard. With the title above Tai Chi has got a massive reputation to live up to. I am quite confident that the inventors of the original Tai Chi must have proved that it was the Supreme Ultimate Fist, at some point or it would not have lasted this long as a martial art, the originators would have been laughed at or beaten to either shame or death by the other martial artists of the day.