Wing Chun And Tai Chi Weapons

Wing Chun and Tai Chi weapons

The secrets to the martial arts. Have you ever wondered why it is that when you practice your Tai Chi sets or you Wing Chun sets that the moves moves seem not to fit when you are free fighting or when you try to do the moves on your practice partner?
In Tai Chi for example there is a move that is called single whip

Single whip demo.

The video clearly shows how one master is interpreting the Tai Chi pattern of Single Whip the way that he is doing it seems to work fine on a student who is compliant but what if the student was not? Would the same technique work against an amateur boxer or a seasoned street brawler?
I have over the years done door work (bouncing) and I have seen thousands of confrontations and I have always wondered where the knowledge of Tai Chi and wing chun teachers comes from, we know from history that the alleged founder of Tai Chi was a man called Zhang San Feng, all the schools that are supposed to have followed him are said to be practicing the supreme ultimate fist of the martial arts, but what are we all following in reality?

Are we just the blind leading and following the blind? Tai Chi is nice to do and it does have benefits but how can we call it the supreme ultimate fighting martial art? Could any Tai Chi master beat an amateur boxer using the single whip for example?
Amateur boxing video

As you can see even at this low level of boxing experience it is hard to see how trying to do a complex move like Single Whip is almost impossible so why would you you even try? The only reason I can think of is that the master has been told by his master and his master was told by his master and so and so forth as far back as for none of the current masters or students to know where the move came from in the first place.
I am not trying to slag off masters of Tai Chi I am just saying why are you using moves that are meant to be from “The supreme ultimate fist” when they can’t
be used against even the most basic of fighter, the amateur boxer.

My theory
I have a theory about some of the moves that come from Tai Chi and other arts like Wing Chun and that is that the moves were not meant for unarmed combat but that the moves are slow motion weapons sets, Chen Tai Chi for example was said to have been invented by Chen Wang Ting who was a military man, armed with this knowledge it would make more sense that the strategies that he formulated were meant for the battlefield and judging by the period that he devised the Chen style of Tai Chi would make the use of a weapon first and foremost a away to defeat your enemy. Below is a video showing how the weapon called Nunchucks when used in one hand to the side of the body looks like Single Whip

Single Whip for defense?

Wing Chun is very similar to Tai Chi in that some of the moves in the form may not be as suited to unarmed combat as your instructor may have told you.

This video gives the stock explanation of what Fook sao is but maybe there is a different explanation that makes just as much sense in the video below is the use of Nunchucks notice how the fook sao is formed when the Nunchucks are swiveled from the outside in

As with all martial of old what you see may be a deception of what it is, when you think back to the old martial arts movies from the seventies and eighties you would have a wise old master telling you to do things like Jackie Chan and his master who would say to him just do it don’t ask why or Daniel in the Karate Kid when Mr Miyagi when he tells Daniel to wax on and wax off, the martial arts from the movies were always about mystery and mastery, the masters would say if wish to be as good as me then you need to do what I say