Wing Chun Kung Fu-This Is What Yim Wing Chun Knew

Wing Chun kung fu is a fighting art which was invented by the so called venerable five Ng Mui, Pak Mee, Fung Do Tak, Miao Hin and and Gee Sin, Ng Mui was the fighter of these nuns and she is the one who passed her art on to Yim Wing Chun she was known for her fighting skill and powerful strikes, so how can this be true ? Wing Chun has got a long history and like most ancient martial arts were arts that were used to beat bigger and stronger fighters, if this were not the case these arts would have died long ago and be nothing but arts for arts sake. Can it be possible that a woman could have the strength and power to defeat other trained martial artists, because in the days when Yim Wing Chun learned her art there would have been many good martial artists with bad intentions, I don’t believe that only good people would have learned how to fight. So if there were other martial artist around that had bad intentions the martial art that Yim Wing Chun would have learned would have to have given weaker lighter people some kind of advantage, and don’t believe that the way that Wing Chun is shown today would have given any smaller lighter person any kind of advantage, Bruce Lee practiced Wing Chun and he abandoned the art saying that it was too formal and that it had no real advantage for use against the Americans that he faced when he came from Hong Kong, Bruce Lee had street fights when he was young and he felt that he needed more weapons in his arsenal so he decided to create his own art of Jeet Kun Do, he wanted an art that had no formal sets or patterns, he wanted an art that let you be free to express yourself and not feel that you had to worry that when you fight you have one hand tied behind your back so that people could say he is using Wing Chun or Karate or any other categorized style of martial art, Brue Lee was not the first to think this way and he will not be the last. Bruce Lee stated that when he sparred with his master who at the time was Yip Man, Lee said that he had immense power, but Lee didn’t appreciate how the power was generated, Lee himself had much power and I don’t think that he realized where his power was coming from, Lee must have looked at the physics of the westerners that he meat and believed that their had to be weights involved to get this power, he must have been wrong because both Yip Man and Yim Wing Chun both possessed the same type of power, the power that they had was short meaning they didn’t need to wind up the punch or swing at the target.

Inch Punch Power

The power that Yim Wing Chun had came from the stance training that she did in Wing Chun standing still is where the power comes from it is standing still doing jam jong that produces the power to punch to produce fa jin from all angles and to hit with penetrating force. What Bruce Lee did and what many others do is try to learn too many techniques before developing a strong base, most Wing Chun practitioners move from technique to technique with no feel for what is real and what is false. I think in one respect Bruce Lee was correct in that it is not the style that mattered but using what works.

This is how Wing Chun is typically shown

When Wing Chun is shown this way it is easy to see why when someone says  they do Wing Chun some smarty pants will say you can’t use that centre line punch in MMA, they could be right, because most people that practice Wing Chun mistake the box for the jewel. This why most of the Wing Chun limits it’s self to what they thing Wing Chun should look like, Wing Chun like most arts is supposed to be internal. Wing Chun just like most other arts look good and work well against others doing the same art.

This position is what is used to build strength and power and with all jam jong it’s not just getting the body structure right it is staying in these positions for extended periods of time, this is what matters not just standing for a short while then moving on to new techniques.