Wing Chun Jam Jong

Wing Chun Jam Jong

Wing Chun was made famous by Bruce Lee who was a martial artist and actor from Hong Kong, he first learned the martial art of Tai Chi from his father, Bruce lee always wanted to study the best martial arts that he could so when he got a bit older he ventured out to find his own master, the master that he found was called Yip Man, the man who popularized Wing Chun Kung Fu, when you first look at Wing Chun it is hard to see how it could be used for fighting the video below shows some of what Bruce Lee was capable of

Whe Bruce Lee had trained with Yip man for some time from the age of sixteen and then left to understand more about the martial arts as he found that in his opinion Wing Chun had it’s limits, this is just Bruce’s opinion but it it is one that is worth listening to. Bruce Lee had many fights in the street and he found that he had problems making Wing Chun work the way he believed that it should. the big divide between theory and practice, when Bruce Lee moved back to his birth place of San Francisco he found himself in fights yet again, and this time he noted that the Americans were much bigger than most of the Chinese that he had met, this led Bruce Lee to the conclusion that he needed to be more mobile and more aggressive to overcome his disadvantages.
Yip Man training

This video shows Yip Man training in Wing Chun. Many of his students have remarked at how strong Yip Man was when you consider how small and light he was. His power was said to be hard to define, meaning that there are no outward tell tale signs that he is strong. Bruce Lee may have left his master a bit too soon because what he needed was probably in Wing Chun already, it’s a matter of seeing the wood for the trees.
Winng Chun is not the first martial art that comes to mind if you mention that an art is internal, but what does internal really mean? You notice in the video of Yip Man that he is standing in one position for some time
Wing Chun Jam Jong

I studied Wing Chun for some years and I to thought that it had it’s limitations but my instructor and I both train under master Lung and then we would have our own class where we were not quite so formal, and because of this we were able to try things out that may not be considered Wing Chun by the main streem.
The more I looked at Wing Chun and the more I thought about Yip Man and his lack of size and then thinking back to his instructor who was Chan Wa Shun, the style of Wing Chun is aimed at being a martial art that gives the smaller user equal opportunity do defend themselves.
The video above that I am in shows that when you do the Wing Chun forms in a stationary position you are in fact doing Jam Jong which is sometimes neglected as most students want to learn more moves and they try to shy awy from the internal aspects which is what gives Wing Chun it’s power.
The typical Wing Chun stance is:

1 Stand with feet together

2 Keep your heels together and rock back slightly onto your heels

3 Move your heels apart and then place your feet flat on the ground so that you toes are pointing towards each other, you will notice that your knees are now facing inwards

4 Raise both fists up to your arm pits and push your chest forwards (like a pigeon)

5 Spread your arms out to the sides and then bring them back to the centre at this point stop and hold the position for about two minutes concentrate on the out breath and the in breath will take care of it’s self

6 After holding the position for about two minutes lower both of your arms down to your navel and hold this position for about three minutes

7 After you have held the last position lower your arms to the side and just rest in the first position shown below

Position one

wu chi

What you have been doing here is a form of standing meditation known as Jam Jong, this is what builds elastic force and this is why Bruce Lee was able to have such explosive power, seen here in this video below

Bruce Lee

he was not big but he had massive amounts of power, and trust me that was not from doing weight training.

I think that because Bruce Lee was young when he left training in Wing Chun that he may have not quite realized what could have been gained from Wing Chun, he left and created his own style that was not a style but when you look at quite a lot of what he does he still uses Wing Chun patterns as a base, I think that when he was learning he couldn’t understand why he had to fight in the shape of Wing Chun, his intelligence and ability to “see” was what made him break away. He had many street fights and this is where he honed his ability and staying confined to one way of doing things must be a bad thing. We are supposed to break free and be ourselves, Bruce Lee knew this. When I watch some of his students train it is like watching Bruce Lee so it would seem that they too are just copying Bruce Lee when he has always advocated that we should be like water with no set patterns and no formal structures that bind us from just being us.Wing Chun Jam Jong is just a way to build feeling and bring out our innate power standing in this way builds natural strength that is totally functional the muscles either have to break or get stronger the stationary positions make our muscles work at 100% so they will get stronger and all fighting requires good leg strength and good balance.
The western world calls this kind of training isometric. Known as Jam Jong in China not magical just biological.