Why Does Standing Make You Sweat ?

Normally when we talk about standing it is hard to imagine that it could somehow be a way to exercise, I had heard that there were more ways to get fit than just running and doing press ups but I had no idea how it was possible to get fit without these well known forms of exercise. I remember watching a film starring Jackie Chan and in the film Jackie Chan was learning Kung Fu he seemed to have all the right moves and they looked well executed but when he had a fight the moves looked good but they were ineffective against his enemy, in the film Jackie Chan felt that he had been cheated his master was a con man he taught Jackie Chan the moves but they had  no substance. I remember thinking about this film for some time afterwards. Jackie Chan was upset and felt silly so he left where he lived and wandered around the countryside, after wandering for some time Jackie Chan practicing bumped into  a little old man the old man watched Jackie Chan practice his Kung Fu. Jackie Chan looked at the old man and asked why he was smiling the old man was not impressed with Jackie Chan and Jackie Chan challenged him but each time Chan attacked the old man had an answer and just kept smiling at him.


Jackie Chan

jackie chan


The old man offered to teach Jackie Chan Kung Fu and Chan accepted, the first thing that the old master told him to do was to stand still and because Chan was young and just wanted to learn Kung Fu moves he was not impressed with what the old man was telling him but Chan stayed with it and then he tried his Kung Fu moves again but this time the moves felt different, they had substance, but why ? It is because the old man told him to stand still, in the film you could see that Chan was sweating profusely, but Chan was a young fit man that was used to doing hard exercise, the reason that he was sweating was that when you stand all the force of gravity is bearing down on you and your muscles don’t get chance to rest and recover as they do with traditional exercise, with traditional exercise your muscles contract and then release which gives them time to recover but when you stand for increasing lengths of time your muscles and your mind find a way to cope with increased stress, the muscles are worked longer and harder but your breathing stays beep and long and your mind has a way of stopping the pain. By standing you are compressing the large and small muscles but in particular you are activating the muscles that balance the whole body.

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