What Is The Best Self Defence Martial Art

What is the best self defence martial art,

in the most simple term the best self defence martial art must be a martial art that is easy to learn, it must be capable of dealing with the most types of attack with the least amount confusion, how many moves in a martial art do you need to know for it to be effective? So why would the best self defence martial art not have more moves? An example would be that the art needs to be learned quickly and if something needs to be learned quickly then it would have to be simple, lets say that you need to defend yourself within one week, would it be a good idea for an instructor to say, if you train with me I can teach you how to defend yourself in, lets say 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, let’s face it what use is that to anyone?

Would it make sense to go to a Karate club for example and have to train to black belt before what you are taught is of any use? Imagine the average martial arts style and you would realize that the combinations that you are supposed to learn are five different stances and with those stances you would have to learn moving backwards, moving forwards, moving left moving right then you may have to learn several ways to turn and then add to that, that in each of these positions you would have to learn which strike to use punch, chop downward strike upward strike open hand strike, that could be anywhere from 5-15 then you have the different blocks, upward blocks left and right, downward blocks, left and right, inward blocks outward blocks parrying with left, with right, you could then have knee strikes elbow strikes, kicking with different legs and then you would have the different types of kick, side kick front kick, back kick roudhouse kick, all of these are individual , but to have some kind of system all or some of these would be used in combination and this could take the arsenal to thousands of combinations. For all of the ways to attack the martial art would then have all the ways to defend all of these attacks. The human brain is good but it’s not that good, it can’t process that much information in a short space of time, when you are in a relaxed state it can be hard to make clear decisions then add to that decision making process FEAR, this is the unknown quantity in any fight situation, imagine that you have a length of wood and it is about 4 inches wide and you are told by you instructor to walk from one end to the other, in this situation you may find that walking the plank is easy because if you make a mistake you are forgiven and if you fall there will be no harm done.


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Keep this scenario in mind and take that same plank of wood and place it between two buildings that are 100 feet in the air, it’s the same plank of wood but now if you fall you WILL die, how do you feel, is your mind clear? Is your heart beating fast? Are you as confident as you were on the ground? Now would it it be better to learn lots of moves or hardly any? The human species has always been taught that knowledge is power but sometimes less is more and in the case of learning self defence less is deffinitely more, so is one move better than ten, and are ten moves better than one hundred and are on hundred moves better than one thousand? If it takes you ten to fifteen hours to learn one move then learning ten moves will take you around one hundred to one hundred and fifty hours and imagine again the scenarion of the plank that is suspended high in tha air.

If all the times above are the best times that you can complete each training scenario because this is when you are most relaxed and because the instructor gas placed the moves freshly in your mind imagine the utter confusion that will take place if an unknown assailant decides to attack you, not only will you get brain freeze but I bet your whole body will turn to jelly, it’s easy when you train in the gym because there is a sense of security in knowing that the people you are training with generally have your best interest at heart.

The trouble with learning lots of different techuniques is that the techniques often aren’t just for fighting, they can be for meditation, gymnatics, kata,  and sometimes the students can be doing drills that don’t strictly relate to self defense, they could be for kata competitions so that the moves look crisp and nice they could be to keep traditional forms alive that were never tested and re tested for authenticity in self defence or combat, most of these things have very little in relationship to self defence, the relationship that tying your belt and doing kata have in common with self defense is similar to putting on swimming trunks or limbering up on dry land and then saying it’s the same as swimming in the Olympics they have a relationship but in terms of self defence they are just as useless.

Here is a formula for calculating the length of time that it would take to learn a certain amount of techniques

T= Technique  M= Moves

2T =4M=1 year

4T=8M= 2 years

40T=80M= 20 years

400T=800M= 200 Years

So to master a self defense system with only 40 techniques would take around 20 years even if you increase the training fequency it would still take most of your life to master the techniques of quite a few self defense systems.


You may have noticed that when a style of Karate or Kung Fu practices two man drills that the moves look great and that ALL the techniques can be blocked or tha the arms of the attacker can be caught and that the arm can easily be put behind the back of the attacker with sift ease or that the attacker is thrown accross the room with the graetest of ease and that ther is little or no resistance when the attacker has been thrown or lightly hit

Morihei Ueshiba Aikido

The master seems to be having fun with his students, no harm done, the harm may come later for the students who think that their enemies will fly through the air as easily as they ahve done for their master, the proof of this can be seen when you put someone from Aikido against someone from Karate for example

Karate vs Aikido

Even in this set up you can see that the Aikido doesn’t look the way that it does when there is full cooperation between the “ATTACKER” and the “DEFENDER” the arts tend to look all the same once you boil the moves down to the ones that work best, and this is the way that a self defense system should be, simple and to the point, it makes the moves easy to do and easy to remember especially when you are put in a life or death situation