What Is Ki ?

What is Ki, Ki is the Japanese equivalent of Chi or the Indian version of Prahna, it is quite odd that so many cultures believe in the phenomena of unseen forces, you would think that in this day and age all this kind of stuff would be consigned to the history books or fairy tales and fables, but for some reason they have not, so why not ? Maybe there is more to these ancient ways of thinking than first meets the eye. The main types of people that are interest and in fact say that they use Ki are martial artists they claim that it will offer something more to them  than what can easily be seen by the enemy the hope is that if they can harness this invisible force it will give them an edge in  combat. Is there any basis for this way of thinking ? There must be something in it or it would have been shown to be completely useless and a waste of time. In my opinion all the martial artists can’t all be fools. The problem that I have found is that there are so many different views on what it looks like, feels like, smells like, is like to the touch and what it feels like when you experience it for your self. Kin reminds me of when someone says that they have felt a presence in a room for example or they believe that they have have been spoken to by God, to me Ki is what you want it to be, it could be a man smashing bricks it could be a force for healing it could be almost anything that you want it to be, it’s like one person believing in God a and another believing in Allah for example. No one can really prove or disprove any of it. Some of the stunts and tricks that are shown on tv and on the internet may be based on reality, the biggest problem is that no one can say that this was done purely because of Ki and is not possible without it, but no one knows what to look for to say that this is purely as a result of Ki.

In this video is an example of Ki for protection

Is this Ki or just pure physics, would you know how to distinguish the difference ? Are they just pretending not to be hurt ? Is that even possible ?
In this video they are showing us that Ki is used to protect the body, in this next video is a Chinese monk who is also using Chi form the same reasons.



It is hard to imagine that just using the air in your body could create this much protection from external forces. Maybe that is a clue some artists believe that the force that they use comes from a supernatural force or being. If this is true what sort of God or being would be willing to offer this kind of protection and power and if they do what does it cost ? In this video Chris Crudelli in this video is delving into the spirit world