What Is A Trance – And How to Get Into It

What is a trance ? The word trance conjures up images of Frankenstein type monsters walking around with no regard to what is going on around them, they seem to be in a world of their own. But what is trance really ? Well if you sit down and watch TV or you are playing a game on your computer  for example this is a form of trance, really being in a trance is defined as defined by the dictionary as;

“a half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically as induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium.”

What this means then is that for a period of time our minds are focused on the task in hand which is a very useful tool to have, it is even more useful if we know what it is and we how to get it.  Whilst watching the TV we are just watching tiny dots on the screen but because we don’t try to look at each and every dot and we focus on what we are interested in we find that we take the picture in as a whole thing. Hypnotists and self hypnosis works in this way, basically a hypnotist distracts you from reality and makes you focus as if you were in a day dream, I think it is safe to say that we all at some point have found that our minds wonder off and then we find that we are suddenly back in the room so to speak, this is a form of self hypnosis but because we don’t normally take too much notice of this we don’t say to ourselves I was just self hypnotized, we just know that we lost what we were doing for a while and then just carry on with what we were doing. Self hypnosis is an excellent way of relaxing because for the time that we are self hypnotized we haven’t got a care in the world. So armed with this knowledge we can try to self hypnotize ourselves, there is no need for special equipment. All you need is some time to yourself and somewhere that is quiet and free from distraction for as long as you wish to self hypnotize. There is more than one way to self hypnotize, but I am going to show you one way that you can use that is very easy and yet effective.

1 Decide why you want to go into trance, because whilst in trance this is the best time to focus on what you need or want, it could be more money, a better job, a better sports performance it’s your choice.

2 Find a space outside is best but if not try to do this in as big a room as you can where you will not be bothered for a few minutes.

3 Find something if you are outside like a tree that is in the distance or if you are inside find something to focus on it could be a picture that you like or it could be an incense stick that you watch burn down.

4 Keep your eyes open and and stand with your arms at your side or in the second Jam Jong position or if you wish you can sit with you hands on your knees in a comfortable chair for a few minutes and just stare at the object that you chose , stay in this position and just tell yourself to relax each and every muscle in your body tell yourself that you will feel great after you have finished.

5 If you are worried that you may not come out of the trance make up a word to bring yourself back into consciousness.


Wu Chi, First Position


wu chi



Second Jam Jong position


Seated position

Me in sitting meditation



When you have finished gently rub your eyes and then just walk around slowly stretch out your limbs and then you are ready for the rest of the day or ready for bed it’s up to you, you are in control of yourself.