Tiger Kung Fu Techniques

Tiger Kung Fu techniques

are all based around the way that a tiger is supposed to behave whilst in combat, the aim of the Tiger Kung Fu martial artist is to become the Tiger in human form,The traditional lineage of the system begins with master Wang Zhenyuan in the late nineteenth-century; but the style was originally formed at the Shaolin Henan Temple before being transferred to Wang. The style was then passed from Wang Zhenyuan to Wang Zijiu, then to Wang Zhixiao, and finally to Su Fuyuan (Cantonese: Souw Hok Gwan). All forms of Kung Fu are designed to give you an advantage over your opponent


Tiger Kung Fu

tiger kung fu






Many of the Tiger Kung Fu forms can be seen in other martial arts styles like the internal martial art of Tai Chi, there is an obvious reason that ancient martial artists of ancient China would have looked at the way that a Tiger dominates the food chain the way that it does and the martial artists of old would have believed that if they could be 1% as powerful as a Tiger then what hope would the average bandit have? The idea behind it is that if you can act and move like a Tiger you would internally become a Tiger the idea is not as daft as it may at first sound, we all know that animals just act and kill with no emotion, they hunt to eat they kill to survive, ther is no pretence, they just act in accordance with the demands of nature.

When martial arts are shown as forms of combat they are normally shown in arenas that are very tightly controlled with the safety of the fighters in mind, but what would really happen if the fighters had to use a complete arsenal to stop themselves from being killed, the claw from the Tiger Kung Fu master could be uses in a large variety of ways.In the video below is a limited demonstration of how the the human Tiger claw could be used if you were faced with a life or death situation

Tiger Kung Fu v Tiger


Tigers attack they don’t have in mind a defense tactic, they are the top of the tree and nothing but maybe another Tiger is going to stop them, so defence is not on of the agenda, the Tiger’s mode is attack, attack, attack.

The martial artist in the video is showing that he can attack the ball with a force of 2600 Lbs which is enough to do a great deal of damage to soft tissue in a human, the training for Tiger claw is best focused on building strength in the hands arms and back and an easy way to do this is to do pressups with your fingers spread out instead of the usual way with the fingers of the hand closed, an advanced way to do the press ups is to put your finger tips on the ground and try to balance whilst doing the press ups and after you have mastered doing them like that you can move your arms and hands further apart which increases the force going through your arms and your finger tips.

In the video below is a demonstration of how the Tiger strike can be enhanced by hitting a heavy punch bag, the instructor Erle Montaigue is an internal martial artist that specializes in pressure point striking, the aim is that you use a hard attacking weapon against a softer target IE a fist or finger against the soft tissue in the human body

Erle Motaigue Tiger Strike

This video shows one of the traditional Tiger Kung Fu form the movements may not directly have martial applications but does that always matter when you are getting and keeping yourself fit in an interesting way, the way that he is moving around is like doing a choreographed dance with some meaning to the artist, there are splits jump kicks punches and mental focus, what’s wrong with that? if you know why you are doing a martial art and you are told the truth about why you are doing what you are doing then I can’t see a problem with it, the problem comes if you try to fight as if your life were at stake and your art form lets you down, but for the sake of tradition all these arts would be lost if no one practiced for fun and for physical expression. Many of the ancient martial arts were hidden and had hidden meaning because at many times in the history of China martial arts were banned and the essence was sometimes lost and just the shell or form was left behind, so sometimes what you see is not what is meant to be used for combat, true martial arts comes from within and what you see see on the outside may just be what you are meant to see and meant to believe. kung Fu was kept secret for very good reason and that reason was to give you an edge in combat and that edge could save your life. I can remember when I wanted to start to train in martial arts I had to be vetted, it was not like it is now where anyone can learn it, the instructors wanted to know that what you learned was just for self defense in a life or death situation and not for showing off to mates or for bullying others or for sport, there could have been another reason that I was told not to show anyone and now that I am older I realize that the reason could be that it was fake, useless and a waste of time, but as a novice how could you know? Even masters can’t know, some masters could be black belt novices

This may sound daft but even when you have reached black belt and are teaching your students you can just be passing on the same mistakes as your teacher.