The Tai Chi Song-

The Tai Chi Song.

The thirteen techniques is a song that was believed to have been written by ancient Chinese masters of Tai Chi Chuan, the song explains the character of Tai Chi, the words are to help when you are practicing the Tai Chi form, by singing the Tai Chi Song you can keep in mind the way that you should move and the way that you should hold your posture.

Don’t underestimate the thirteen techniques,

the source of life is at the waist.

Pay attention to the apparent and solid.

Without hindrance chi flows with grace.

Stillness in movement, movement in stillness,

adjust according to what the situation is.

Every technique must be guided by will,

combat efficiency will be achieved with ease.

All the time pay attention to your waist,

the abdomen is charged with chi and might.

The spine is straight and full of spirit,

the whole body is relaxed with head upright.

Be attentive to details in every move,

spontaneous let your movement be.

A teacher’s guidance is needed to enter the way,

When accomplished, unrestricted by rules is he.

What is so difficult about the form?

Mind and energy are the king.

What is the aim of Tai Chi practice?

Health and vitality and eternal spring.

Free Tai Chi

The aim of Tai Chi is to move smoothly and use the mind to feel the correct move, let the chi guide what the right action is, be spontaneous do not restrict yourself to being a copy cat, the song from the original masters of Tai Chi tell you that this is so, raise the bar in Tai Chi happens when you free yourself of you teachers restrictions, be free, move freely let you chi or mind be your guide.

The Tai Chi Song. Be Free Tai Chi

One it is called mind tranquil. If the mind is not tranquil, it means the mind is not concentrated.Whenever one moves forward, back left and right, there is no focused direction

The Tai Chi

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