Ancient wisdom for a modern world

Everything that is strong and lasts a long time has a good base or foundation this is as true in everyday life as it is in the martial arts.

examples of this are seen everywhere that you look some of the oldest structures that are around have got a good base


These pyramids in Egypt for example have been here for thousands of years


And this pyramid from Mexico has been there for thousands of years if proof were needed that to have good structure you need a good base then you need look no further.

Bruce lee

Bruce Lee.

This is a picture of a martial artist and famous movie star Bruce Lee

This man was a great influence on me as a child and still is. His philosophy on the martial arts is very interesting.

He began his foundation art with his father, his father taught him the fundamentals of Wu style Tai Chi.


wu style tai chi

This shows the image of a lady in a Tai Chi posture known as grasp birds tail the style is Wu. Bruce Lee from an early age had a feel for the martial arts. His street fighting background made him a realist when it came to martial arts. He realized after studying with his father and then with Yip Man that the martial arts are fluid and not set in stone, it can take a while to realize this because each master puts his slant or philosophy on the arts. After Bruce Lee studied with Yip Man he realized that what Yip Man taught him was a stepping stone and not as mentioned before the complete picture.

Ju jitsu

This is a picture of jujitsu.

This is another art which has deep roots going back centuries. The martial arts have got different names but all are done by humans which means we have two arms two legs a torso and a head.