The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting

The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting,

Bruce Lee the well known Chinese martial artist once said The art of fighting without fighting in a film that he was in called Enter The Dragon, Bruce lee is on a boat with fellow martial artists that have been invited to take part in a martial arts tournament on a secluded island which is owned by a ruthless criminal, on the way to the island a thug who is also a martial artist looks at Bruce Lee and annoys him and takes the mickey out of him at which point Bruce Lee says, Ok if you want to fight why don’t you fight me over on the island? The bully says Ok then but Bruce tells the bully to get in the boat and then whilst the bully is on the boat Bruce Lee lets go of the rope, the art of fighting without fighting;

Bruce Lee

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Some fights are not physical some fights can be mental or psychological your opponent can play tricks with your fighting spirit, if you can destroy your opponents will to fight then your opponent has lost the fight before it began. Genghis Khan is known to have spread rumours about how he and his forces had brutally destroyed any other army that had dared to not let Genghis Khan have his way, his enemies would be so scared of the mere thought of invasion that they would lose before any weapon was drawn.

Genghis Khan






In the days of the crusaders rumours are that the heads of Saracens were left at the gates of their enemies in an attempt to scare them into surrender without drawing blood, the aim of this again was to kill the fighting spirit.

This type of fighting spirit fear can be seen today in some training halls, imagine that you are a student of martial arts and you see a student that has been there for some time before you and he is thrown around like a rag doll by the master that is supposed to be teaching, the first thing that is going to enter your head is I would like to learn that to defend myself and then the next thing would be what would happen to me if I dare to challenge the teachers authority?

I can remember when I first met my very first Karate instructor in his gleaming white suit and his black belt around his waist, I knew what that belt meant, well I thought I did. He moved with power and precision and no one spoke whilst he was teaching, in fact just watching the way the other lower grade black belts had respect and fear of him was amazing,exciting and frightening all at the same time, the thing is the teacher was a nice man, he was not a bully, it was all in my head, my imagination ran away with it’s self to the point that , my head was calculating how good he must really be if the student black belts were second and third Dan and he was a sixth Dan that he was many more times as dangerous as they were.

Karate Black Belt

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I can remember my instructor telling me to punch at him but by now I was so scared of what he must be able to do that I sort of punched half heartedly and sort of pulled the punches I would not dare to land a punch on him for fear of getting beat up by him.

This psychological warfare takes place in pubs and clubs all the time, the bully seems to gain in power and strength the more that you gain in fear, the body language the noise the threats to your life are all there to break your fighting spirit, the bullies fighting spirit increases as your fighting spirit bit by bit disappears. This is Fighting without fighting.

This phenomena seems to be seen most in the internal arts where the student is scared of hidden powers that the master possesses you often see an old man with an old student who seems to do exactly what the higher grade master wants him to do

The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting

In the video above the “master” has total control over his students but fails to do anything against an opponent that is not a student and gets himself beat up I don’t know if this “master” knew he was a fake or did he believe his own power when his students started to roll around and fall down in front of him, this situation is very dangerous for the students and the master if he was delusional himself.

I wonder if this is what happened to Tai Chi, in the beginning, The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting, I wonder if myths and legends were spread around about a Taoist monk called Zhang San Feng who is reputed to be the founder that had magical powers and therefore was invincible to other mere mortals, this would have put the fear into anyone.

Zhang San Feng

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