Submissions V Striking In MMA

Submissions v Striking In MMA

This is a sample of the last 10 UFC fight list it shows how each fight was ended so we can see what works and what doesn’t. Here’s the run down. There were 81 total fights at the last 10 UFC’s and this is how they ended, 19 fights were ended by submission holds, 4 armbars, 3 triangle chokes, 3 guillotine chokes, 2 rear naked chokes, 1 injury, 1 arm triangle choke, 1 bulldog choke, 1 neck crank, 1 triangle body lock, 1 straight ankle lock, and 1 kimura. 39 fights were ended by KO/TKO or submission from strikes. There were 21 decisions, 1 draw, and 1 DQ. SO, that means that 23% of fights were ended by submission holds, and 48% of fights were ended by striking techniques. This statistic shows that strikers at this point in mma are more than twice as effective as as grapplers

Stats showing highest percentage of submisisons used since 1993 the first UFC

Rear Naked:675
Arm Triangle:116
Heel Hook:52
North-South Choke:21
Neck Crank:18
Achilles Lock:17
Triangle Choke/Armbar:16
Anaconda Choke:14
Brabo Choke:13
Toe Hold:8
Inverted Triangle:5
Peruvian Necktie:4
Bulldog Choke:4
Forearm Choke:4
Scarf Hold Armlock:3
Inverted Heel Hook:3
Head and Arm Choke:3
Flying Triangle:3
Shoulder Choke:3
Lapel Choke:3
Flying Armbar:2
Inverted Armbar:2
Face Crank:2
Von Flue Choke:2
Side Choke:2
Ezekiel Choke:2
Shin Choke:1
Reverse Heel Hook:1
Body Triangle:1
Pace Choke:1
Modified Arm triangle:1
Achilles Choke:1
Shoulder Lock:1
Triangle Kimura:1
Triangle Neck Crank:1
Single Wing Choke: 1
Flying Scissor Heel Hook:1
Inside Shoulder Lock:1
Double Armbar:1
Scarf Hold:1
Front Choke:1

From the list above you can see that there are a great deal of submissions available to an MMA fighter but as with all martial arts knowng a few moves well is better than knowing many moves and doing them badly, this is true for almost all sport, for example a rugby team that does text book formations and text book tackles and running well like the Newzealand All Blacks tend to get on very well in rugby competitions. It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to any sport and this includes MMA, if you see one thousand moves done between two BJJ specialists and think wow I must learn all those moves you would be making a big mistake bcause the brain can only process at pace a very small amount of information, when you have to fight from instict you tend to fall back on what feels comfortable, the more you have to think the less you will achieve. Brain reaction time is very very important, the more you have to think  about a technique the less it works.

Example of brain reaction times

If you have to identify one thing out of two  you will have to make one decision for four things you will need to make 2 decisions  for eight you will have to make three decisions and the time taken increases with each task, it is estimated that to calculate 12 things with your brain would require 3,585 bits of information and 50 things would require 5,644 bits of information the experts in brain speed function have calculated that brain impulses travel at 180 metres /second and this means that a time of 0.74 seconds is required to for 12 items, 3585 bits to be calculated and that to calculate 24 bits of information would take 0.925 seconds armed with this knowledghe it is easy to see why there are so few fancy moves left in MMA because they are simply to hard to deliver

Main Submissions in MMA

As the world of MMa evolves it would seem that the rules in MMA are beginning to favour the fighter that can stand and trade or that can control the fight from the top, the old school was to pull guard and try for submissins from your back, the judges don’t seem to like it when a fighter stays on their back and just hopes that the fighter on top will make a silly mistake, the judges appear to be trying to make the fights as exciting as possible by keeeping making the fighters engage with each other .

Most Used Submissions in MMA

submissions graph

Since 1993 MMA fighters have realized that to be sucessful in MMA you need to learn what to do on the ground but because all the new breed of fighters know this the game has completly changed,with this in mind it becomes easy to see why the fights that do now take place in MMA end very often in decision wins as can be seen in the statistics below

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MMA Fighting looked at UFC stats dating back to UFC 100 in July. That covers 130 fights over 12 events, or roughly 10 percent of all fights in the company’s history.

According to the numbers, UFC fights these days are most likely to go to the judges’ scorecards. Sixty of the 130 bouts did so, with 41 unanimous decisions, 16 split decisions, one majority decision and two draws.

Combining knockouts and TKOs is the next most common fight finish, with 41 of 130 bouts (31.5 percent) concluding in such a manner (15 KOs, 26 TKOs). Submissions closed out 28 of the bouts (21.5 percent), while there was only one disqualification.

  • BJ Penn
  • Rafael dos Anjos
  • Gray Maynard
  • Spencer Fisher
  • Matt Serra
  • Karo Parisyan
  • Michael Bisping
  • Lyoto Machida
  • Stephan Bonnar

These fighters have the most wins by decision and they are possibly some of the best fighters ever and this shows just how much skill all the fighters now have at stopping either a KO or a submission, this could take some of the excitement out of future MMA fights because this is the trend that boxing has followed with the best known being Floyd Mayweather who’s defence is masterful, but to some onlookers thgis can be very boring, Mayweather has only had only one KO which was against Victor Ortiz and that was very controversial, from his last 10 fights.

Floyd Mayweather VS Victor Ortiz