Standing Still, Jam Jong or Zhan Zhuang

When you ” Stand like a post” Zhan Zhuang in Chinese there are many positions that can be adopted, below are some examples. The principle is the same for all positions. Skeletal alignment, relaxed body, relaxed mind

Stand still be fit 1

start by raising your arms to gather energy, lower your arms down and keep them slightly away from the body as viewed from the side and front, keep your back straight knees bent eyes facing forward. Relax your shoulders and let them fall naturally into place. Smile gently to release tension in the face and neck. Imagine that you have small soft balls beneath your arm pits and hold this position for between 30 seconds and 1 minute. watch video below.

Stand still be fit 2

In this position we stand with our knees slightly bent eyes looking forward, back straight  relax your whole body the raise your arms up to about chest height palms facing towards your chest your fingers facing each other there should be a gap of six and nine inches between your finger tips. Your elbows should be slightly lower than the height of your hands. Hold this position for about 1 minute breath naturally don’t force the breath. Watch video below