Stand still And Get Fit



Stand still and get fit

Stand still and get fit, health researchers often warn us that sitting for too long  day after day is not good for our health, they say that a sedentary lifestyle can cause  problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Experts writing in the clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology suggest that getting up an walking for just two minutes during each hour you spend sitting, they say that this could help to offset the damage that is caused by sitting for long periods at a time stand still and get fit .

Sitting in one position can make you feel as if you are all cramped up, you can get pain in your back, shoulders, arm, hands, legs and neck there are of course other areas of concern but these seem to be the most often complained about. The reason that the pain is felt from just sitting is because blood flow is decreased and this makes the work that you do more exhausting. The advice from the medical profession is to walk around a bit, so I have come up with a way to help that can help to get the blood flowing into the right areas.

1 Stand in the first Jam Jong position for about one minute, hands by your side look forwards keep your back straight and your legs slightly bent, breath naturally


First Jam Jong Position

wu chi

2.After you stood for about one minute raise both your arms from your waist up above your head and circle them down and then back up to the top of your head and then down to your waist, do this ten times and then rest your arms by your side

Circle hands above head

3 After completing step 2 relax for a moment and then put your feet together and stand with your back straight and arms by your side then slowly raise both your arms with palms facing out in front of you fingers facing each other raise you arms up above your head when your arms are above your head separate you hands and then lower them either side of your body so that they finish at the side of your body as your arms come to rest bend forwards slightly and rest in that position for a second or two and the repeat the cylce up to ten times then rest for a few seconds.


Look Back At The Stars

4 When you have completed number 3 walk in a circle for about two minutes, start by putting your hands by your side then move your arms with your elbows away from your body and both of you hands to the centre of your body about navel height, imagine that you have your hands on top of a ball that is trying to rise up towards your chest, as the ball tries to rise up use your mind to keep it down at the level of your navel, at the same time as keeping the ball down walk in a circle, keep your eyes looking ahead of you and take meaningful steady steps, focus on each and every step.

Small Bagua Circle Walking

5 When you have finished step 4 return to step number 1 and just relax in this position for about one minute and then rub your face from the top of your head down towards you chin and repeat this a few times then sit back at your desk and continue, you can repeat this sequence as often as you wish, you can do all of them or you can pick one or two or three and they can be done any time that you feel a bit stiff from sitting down

 First Jam Jong Position

wu chi