Seated Exercises – For All Ages

Exercises don’t have to be hard to be effective, sometimes simple exercises can give amazing results, the gym is not the only place to do exercise in the video below I am sat in a kitchen on a wooden chair with a back, but to do this exercise you could just as easily be sat at a desk at home or in an office, no need for special equipment or special clothing just wear something that you can move your arms in and that feels comfortable, if you are wearing a jacket for example just take it off if you wish, it’s not impossible to do with a jacket on but if feel more comfortable with it off, take it off. To begin the exercise sit with your back straight eyes open or closed and your feet flat on the floor in front of you and rest your arms on your knees sit quietly for a short while maybe a minute or two if you have the time, when you have sat for a short while just follow these simple instructions below :

1  Hold you hands in front of your chest imagine that you have got a pair of bellows and just gently squeeze together whilst doing this imagine that there are  elastic bands attached to your elbows and that they are pulling your elbows down towards your waist and at the same time you are gently resisting the pull of the elastic bands, breath in as your elbows go out and breath out as your elbows go down do this between 8 and 20 times depending on how much time you wish to spend on the exercise

2  From the end of the last position without putting your arms down raise them up above your head and push up towards the sky as you push up breath out and as your arms return to the top of your head breath in do this  between 8 and 20 times depending on the time you have or the time you wish to spend doing this exercise, once you have completed this part of the exercise it is time to move on to the next part

3  Lower your arms to chest height and form an open circle in front of you chest imagine that you  have got a large tree in front of you that you love and wish to give a gentle cuddle to hold this position for at least 1 minute to feel the benefit of beep breathing, try to breath from your lower abdomen, this will make you bell go out slightly, but don’t force it be natural and you will notice that over time your breathing will get slower, longer and will notice that you can hold this position for longer than you could imagine. The experience can become quite addictive but in a nice way, relax and just enjoy the new feeling that you get if you have not done similar exercises to this before. This exercise is the seated version of an exercise called Jam Jong which I give instructions on here

Seated Exercises

When you have finished these exercises just stand up and slowly walk around for a short while and then you are ready to carry on with either the rest of your day or you can get ready for bed because it really doesn’t matter when or where you do these exercises.


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