Philips HR 1869 Juicer- Get your Five a day the easy way

Make: Philips HR 1869 Avance  Juicer

Price: £ 162.12

Cheapest Price: Amazon.com

Size of container: 2.5 Litres


The Philips HR 1869 Product Overview



Each morning my son and me make ourselves a either a fruit juice or a vegetable juice or if we have a bit more time we will make up combinations of fruit and veg.



My son has been training as a boxer since he was 14 years old he has won several boxing championships and he is in the shape of his life now that he is almost 23 I have watched him change from a boy into a man and this has inspired me at the age of 51 to keep myself as fit as I can. One thing that having a son of this age does is keep you on your toes.


The fact that he is so fit must in part be down to fact that he is having at least his recommended Five a day

Well if it’s good enough for him must be good enough for me. So that’s what got me into Juicing.

Now after I do my normal routine of standing like a tree I do several rounds of boxing training.

Ali my son warming up




          Must be the juice

Juice the easy way and get your Five a day here at Amazon


The Philips HR 1869 Juicer can juice whole pieces of fruit and veg which speeds up the time it takes to get your juicing done, with the more than ample sized 2.5 Litre container. Because the container is this big me and Ali can share one container full giving us around 1,25 Litres each about the same size as the average carton of orange juice for a fraction of the price.


Below I have put together a few simple recipes that you can try for yourself


1 Courgette 2 cm chunk Ginger root 1 cm chunk  Cucumber a quarter medium sized Lemon (peeled) Celery stick quarter of a stalk  and 2 Apples

Just juice and maybe add ice cubes if you prefer.

2 Oranges 3  medium sized Grapefruit Half medium (peeled) Lime 1small (peeled)

Just juice and maybe add ice cubes if you prefer.

3 Oranges 3 Fresh Ginger half centimetre chunk

Just juice and maybe add ice cubes if you prefer.

When you have finished your drink you will find that cleaning the Philips HR 1869 is very easy.

all the compartments come apart very easily.

Also available here at ebay : are a further selection of juicers.