MMA News – Judo vs Boxing- Standup vs Ground Fighting

If you were to read about the new art of MMA in the early nineteen nineties you would have been shocked and surprised to hear that people who do boxing and Karate have got little to no chance of winning in a REAL fight, Royce Gracie of the Gracie family showed how boxing and most other striking arts  have no place in a real fight, so everyone who wanted to learn how to fight needed to learn the only art that mattered, and that was Gracie Jujitsu.

As you can see in this video the Royce Gracie are showing us that how to fight. The man that he is fighting is unknown and we have no idea how many fights he has had, but one thing is well known and that is that the Gracie family have been doing these sorts of challenges for many years going back to the days when his father Helio Gracie fought in challenge matches

Helio Gracie vs Masahiko Kimura

In this fight Helio Gracie faces another well known fighter called Masahiko Kimura who was a wrestler and judo practitioner in the fight Helio Gracie is completely dominated by Kimura, so much so that when Helio lost by an arm lock he later named it the Kimura and this name has stuck ever since. This fight took place in 1951 after Helio Gracie issued a challenge to to the then unbeaten Kimura, Helio Gracie was the then representative of Gracie Jujitsu. Gracie Jujitsu still flourished after this event and today is well respected and well known, and here in lies the problem, in the early days of MMA going on the ground in a fight was unheard of by most people that studied martial arts, Bruce Lee was a fantastic stand up fighter with fast hands and fast feet so no one could see how it would be possible to get past those amazing weapons of his. When most people wanted to learn to defend them selves in the old days they imagined a pub brawl or a street mugging as the reason to learn how to be safe, but the Gracies invented a way of showing fighting that would suit an arena with no conrers to go to and no where to go but to the ground and if that if how you were taught to fight then that is exactly where your advantage is going to be, if you put rules of no biting and no gouging then if you can avoid a punch you are sure to win, this strategy and experience over many years means that you will come out on top over ninety percent of the time. But what happens when others learn how to fight on the ground ? Well when this happens you no longer have the advantage that you once had, and this seems to be what has happened, the Gracies no longer rule in MMA. Top fighters can now win without going to the ground, so it shows that there was something in what Bruce Lee and other mainly stand up fighters did, they just either lacked real experience or they were overwhelmed by the Gracies and the fact that they came to MMA with total confidence in what they knew. Fast forward now from the nineteen nineties and something is happening, MMA is evolving and the strikers have learned how to stay on their feet and make the fight take place stood up or on the ground, in this video Royce Gracie is in a challenge match against Kazushi Sakuraba.


Kazushi Sakuraba V Royce Gracie

The fight lasted for almost 2 hours and all the Jujitsu moves that Royce tried were neutralized by Sakuraba and it was strikes in the end that ended Royce Gracie.

The latest striker vs grappler fight was a fight that took place on 15 November 2015 in UFC 193 Ronda Rousey who has been a dominant force in MMA and well known and respected Judoka, who was an Olympic bronze medal winner in 2008 since then Rousey has won Judo medals for the USA and was unbeaten in MMA

Ronda Rousey Highlights


  Holly Holm Highlights

so this is as good as it gets where grappling is concerned so what happened when she met Holly Holm ? Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey finally met and fought, Holly Holm is a stand up kick and punch specialist, she is winner of many boxing and kick boxing matches. Ronda Rousey was named as number one pond for pound in MMA and was expected to win this match with ease but Holm had her own ideas about that and dominated from the start, Rousey tried to get Holm to ground but with little success as Holm had the answer to that puzzle. It proves that no one art is the best it must be a case that you must evolve or get walked over, you must as Bruce Lee used to say be like water and bend and blend to what the situation requires, don’t just imagine that your art is good and ALL others are bad. This is where the mind and feeling are more important than just technique, no one has all the answers.