Martial Arts And Religion- Can You Practice Both ?

Martial Arts and religions

Is it possible to practice martial arts and Christianity ? Some people believe that there is a conflict of interest between martial arts practice and the worship of God, but if they are in conflict how are they how are they. According to  some bible scholars it is a sin to practice martial arts they say that you can’t serve two masters at the same time, but how do they think that practicing a martial art is in direct opposition to the worship of God ? For example

Should My Christian Daughter Participate in the Sport of Karate?

By Ron Kirk

” Personally, I am favorably disposed to personal defense training. Physical training is of “a little profit,” as Paul terms it. A friend did a Biblical study on physical training and, not surprisingly, found that morality is more critical to our health and life. Nevertheless, the Scriptures treat us as whole beings, our bodies are part of our wholeness and they are integrally important to our life in Christ. We are not of a split nature — body and spirit — we are a unity of being which God will resurrect wholly one day”.


” May Christians Use Coercive Physical Force?

Throughout the Old Testament, God supports defensive war. David, the man after God’s own heart, was a “mighty man of valor.” That is, he possessed both a warrior’s strength and skill of mind, and a warrior’s strength and skill of body. Jesus told His disciples to buy a sword. His hindering Peter’s use of the sword on the night of His arrest was because of the nature and timeliness of that night’s mission — the Cross — and not a general condemnation of the use of the sword. Neither did He make a blanket condemnation when He said those who live by the sword die by the sword. Paul teaches that the magistrate properly bears the sword. For the righteous, defensive war has always had an appropriate place in Christian doctrine with the exception of the variable passivity of the Anabaptist heritage. Physical sports originate in the context of preparing for war, though sports were often used for mere entertainment and pleasure.

Faith requires valor or courage. Due to the physical nature of life and its trials, overcoming physical trials, exercising faith, often best builds valor. Physical challenges are essentially mental ones. (Not all require a warrior’s body. Not everyone possesses one, yet all may fight the good fight. The man who has lost the use of his legs, for example, faces even greater physical challenges of courage and faith.) The exertion of force, as in the combative sports, builds character and, therefore, appears a positive thing. This view presupposes a balance of forcefulness with the self-restraint in motive and action — the meekness — required of a Christian. For the natural man, such a balance seems absurd. For the Christian, such a tension is ordinary. We accept both because Christ requires and enables both. Therefore, tough sportsmanship has always been Christian America’s way of life.”

In the above statements there is an argument that suggests to do a martial art and to use force at the right time is ok but from the point of view of B J Oropeza

” Ninjitsu. Ninjitsu is not generally com­patible with Christianity. The Ninjas try to assimilate themselves with nature in order to be more stealthy. The worldview behind Ninjitsu is pantheism (all is God), which con­tradicts the Christian view that God is not the universe but is the Creator of the universe (Gen. 1:1-2).

Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is a physi­cal, sport-oriented form of the martial arts. It is one of the most compatible forms of Eastern self-defense with Christianity.

Tai Chi. Tai Chi involves the practice of Taoism. In order to achieve physical well being, the Tai Chi student must be attuned to the universe by concentrating below the navel section of the body — which is said to be the body’s psychic center. Tai Chi cannot be rec­onciled with Christianity.”

The dangers of martial arts

As you can see there are conflicting views on the martial arts some Christians find that you can practice some types of martial arts and not others and some say that the martial arts can’t be separated. Christianity and religion have always been controversial and now it seems that the martial arts are yet another way that is creating division in the bibles interpretation of what is good and what is bad , it seems that some of the people that practiced martial arts for some time have decided that they are worshiping a false God . There is still controversy when it comes to chi some people say it is a gift from God others say that it is from Satan and yet others don’t believe that Chi even exists.

One preacher that practiced the martial arts and then turned his back on it claims that when he was walking in a circle as is done in Bagua, he said he noticed himself looking down on himself and his students and he said that their shape was the symbol of the sun God

circle with a dotHe said that he and his students formed a circle with a dot which he said represented the sun god and he said that this is evil. He related the tai chi symbol to evil saying that the black is evil and that the white is good and they say that it is a symbol of the devil. They say that the power of Chi comes from Satan. The tai chi symbol is about balance there is no way that you can have light without shade or darkness without light it is in nature everywhere that you look, they say that God created everything so why would he create darkness and light, up and down, left and right  it is just the way that it is,

yin yang

The tai chi symbol represents a balanced philosophy not a religion it is how nature is, you cannot deny what it is. They say that the circle of light that is on ancient carvings is of the sun God but Jesus is often shown with a circle of light behind him or on his head called a halo, also god created everything including the sun. The bible is a fascinating book but the contradictions make it hard to know what you should or should not do.

jesus with halo