Kung Fu – Northern vs Southern

Northern Kung Fu is commonly thought to be flashier than the Kung Fu of the south, northern Kung Fu tends to use wider stances higher kicks and tend to be more dynamic in execution and in the south the stances tend to be higher and the kicks are lower and the fighting distance tends to be closer the power in the punches of the south tends to be short without a huge wind up.

 This an example of a northern Kung Fu long distance strike

There are some well known styles of Kung Fu that come from the north and these are :


Northern Style Kung Fu


1 Praying mantis Kung Fu which was created by a shaolin monk called Wang Lang somewhere around the seventeenth century. The story goes that he was watching   a praying mantis fight against a cicada he liked the scissor like action of the praying mantis he created his Kung Fu style which has long distance strikes and high kicks

2 Monkey syle Kung Fu created by Kao Tze in the 1800 is one of the most entertaining and strange styles of Kung Fu. The  master of this art was already a skilled martial artist but he wanted a different approach than he had learned already he observed and copied what the monkeys did in deed and in spirit. The style has very fierce strikes at times the pratitioner takes on the mild a and shy nature of the monkey.

3 Eagle claw Kung Fu was created by a Chinese general by the name of Oak Fay sometime in the 12 th century the is one which uses gripping more than it uses strikes it aims to immobilize the attacker rather that knock them out the practitioner aims to attack pressure points of which there are about 108.


Southern Style Kung Fu


1 Choty Li Fut is a common martial art in China which was invented by Chan Heung in 1836 , he combined The Kung Fu of the  Choy family and the Li family and added some shaolin Ku taught by Cheng Chao Her Shang. This style has five animal forms Snake, Crane Dragon and Leopard.

2 Hung Gar Kung Fu this style of Kung Fu is like a northern style of Kung Fu but without the high kicks this styles origins are a bit dubious some say that it is northern and not southern, it was developed by a northern Shaolin temple but the monk Chi- Sim escaped the fire in the north Shaolin temple and so it’s hard to say if he learned it in the north or the south.

3 Wing Chun is a fascinating art as it was developed by a nun called Ng Hui which was one of the five masters to flee again from the north to the south after the north Shaolin temple was burned, this story is made famous in modern times because of a man called Bruce Lee who learned this art from Yip Man who was the first to show it in public back in 1952.

 Short Power Typical Of Southern Kung Fu