Jam Jong Switching Stance

Jam jong Switching Stance

We have talked about standing still for some time and there are many different positions that you can stand in, each stance has a different effect on the way that energy moves around the body, the aim of Jam Jong switching stance is to improve fitness, focus and internal power. The way that Jam Jong switching stance works is that the stances build up one to another,the different stances help to express power in different ways.

The stances that I am going to show today can be done in different orders but sometimes it is easier if there is some guidance given, it’s not impossible to create your own way of doing this, because as with all things there had to be someone that did it first.

The first position is standing with arms at your side eyes facing forwards back straight legs slightly bent, imagine that you have a line running from the top of your head and that the line is attached to the ceiling or to a tree branch and that you are being supported, whilst in this position imagine that the rest of your body is being supported on soft cusions or pillows just stand in this position for about one minute, try to relax and just let each thought come into your mind and then just let it go, don’t dwell on it don’t analyze it just recognize that it is there then it is gone, concentrate on breathing out, the in breath will take care of it’s self just let you shoulders relax and become soft. The diagram below gives you a mental picture of roughly what you should stand like, don’t stress about being totally accurate, we are all different.

Position One

wu chiWhen you have stood in this position for about a minute move to the second position which is the same as the first position but this time hold your arms out as if holding a large beach ball against your chest hold the ball between your biceps forearms and chest, imaging that it is trying to fall to the ground but you are gently holding it against your chest not too tight but no lose enough for it to fall to the ground and whilst you have it against you chest imaging that it is filling with either water or air, if you imagine that it is filling with air thing of different colours from blue to red and feel how your body reacts to the colour changes, hold this position for about two or three minutes if you can, when you get your mind to do different focused exercises you will find that the time you stand will pass very quickly and that you won’t notice that there is any pain, suddenly you will be “back in the room”, the mind finds it almost impossible to focus on more than one thing at a time, so whilst you are imagining these different tasks your mind puts the boredom and pain in another room for a while. When you have stood in the second position as shown below it is time to move to the next one.

Second Position

second position

Once you have stood in the second position for a while maybe two or three minutes return to the first position and stay in the first position for about one minute now it’s time to try to switch stance, from the first position bring both hands to the centre of your body just below your navel and imagine holding a small ball down hold this position for a short while maybe ten or fifteen seconds and the raise both arms up and outwards forming a large ball like shape similar to the second position but this time slide your left leg forwards and hold this position and count to ten when you get to then change position moving your left leg back and then move your right leg forwards stay in this position and count to ten, after that return to the stance that you were in with your left leg forwards whilst you transition from position one make sure that you always drop both your hands down to just below your navel and then raise them up again to the variation on position two whilst you are in this position face forwards and when you move your feet don’t lift your head up try to keep you body height the same from stance to stance just slide your feet as if on ice, imagine that you are holding a large ball but this time the ball is to the side of your body, use the same imagery as before, keep the ball from escaping and imagine that it is filling with either air or water and that the colours are changing, use a timer if you wish and switch from stance to stance for about three to four minutes, there is a video below giving an example of what to do. When you have finished just stand in the first position for about one to two minutes.

Jam Jong Switching Stance