How To Stand Still For A Long Time

Why is it hard to stand still? Not many people have had to stand still for any length of time so it is easy to see why we may find that standing in one place is harder than you may at first appreciate, so why would I even mention the notion of standing still? Well over the years many martial artists have come to the realization that they can’t perform their art the way that their masters seemed to, in the old days you had to find a teacher and hope that he would take you on as a student with the hope that one day you too would be as good as they were, so what happened to the skills of yesteryear? Well in the early nineteen nineties a man called Lam Kam Chuen showed us a new way of getting power into our bodies. He re-introduced a system called Jam Jong which means standing on a stake, this idea is not new and it is not unique to Lam Kam Chuen, but what he did was give us a glimpse of what the secrets were that old masters would keep from students for many years. The student in the old days would be told to just stand still, but how many people do we know that would have the trust or patience to just stand still when we are told that we are being taught a self defense system?


The Second Standing Position

admin-ajax.phpThis position forms the basis of almost all punching and kicking and grappling, the reason for this is that this position strengthens the whole body improves awareness and focus and the masters of old knew this but for a beginner to trust that this position will make you stronger is very hard to grasp. So how does it work ? Well martial arts  are based around very few variations  so when you are told that you will get better by doing less it is not what a beginner wants to hear, if you watch the kung fu films and you see masters on film flying around and beating up 20 plus people it can be  a huge let down when you are faced with reality. When you start you want to learn every move in the book, but in reality very few moves are used the ones that work are very simple. So how can standing still be based in reality ? If you look at what scientists say about physical exercise and the benefits that can be gained you can sort of see that if you can do something that increases your heart rate and makes your muscles stronger by making them work harder then you must be on to something, and this is exactly what happens when you stand still. The length of time and the depth of stance will determine how hard you will be working both muscles and lungs and hear. The beauty of this form of exercise is that you don’t need much space you need no equipment and you don’t really need a teacher. It’s all about YOU.

The thing that most people find hard is standing for more time than they are used to, the easiest way around this is to stand in a place where it is without distraction and slowly increase the time that you stand still, in the beginning your mind will wonder, the best and simplest way to stay in one position is to just relax, relax, relax, whilst you stand just speak to yourself and just tell yourself to RELAX as you stand notice what is going on inside your mind and your body the benefits are amazing. You will notice that old injuries and pain show up then just go away.

Once you get the feeling of yourself inside and out you begin to find ways to make the adjustments that you need just smile and RELAX. It is no more difficult than that, just do a little bit each day and you will find that you are getting stronger and fitter all the time. It may not seem possible but when you stand you may find that you will sweat more than you could ever imaging from staying in one position. Don’t worry all the things that you feel are quite normal.