Eat Breakfast And Lose Weight

Eat breakfast and lose weight

Eat breakfast and lose weight, according to the NHS in the UK eating breakfast is the best thing that you can do to start your day, the research suggests that eating breakfast can help you to lose weight because the survey concluded that when people eat breakfast they tend to eat less calories throughout the day, the food that is eaten less tend to be the  ones that are high in calories. According to researchers for breakfast week eating no breakfast is likely to trick your brain into wanting to eat more, in fact the survey suggests that there is an increase of around 252  extra calories eaten just because you have skipped breakfast.

Research found that breakfast skippers are the first to reach for a bag of crisps or mid morning biscuit. We all have very busy lives these days, but surely it is better to have a long healthy life than a short unhealthy one.

Why standing can help you eat breakfast

It’s easy to see why skipping breakfast is the easy option when time seems to be getting ever shorter, but just getting up half an hour to an hour earlier could save your life, instead of getting up having a cup of coffee and then rushing off to work still snoring why not gently wake your self up with a few simple exercises that will get your breakfast appetite going?

As soon as you wake up why not rub your hands together for a few seconds and feel the warmth in your hands once you have done this close your eyes and “Wash” your face by stroking your head and face from the top of your head down to your chin, as you draw your hands and fingers down your face imagine that your fingers are a water fall slowly cascading down your face, when you have done this for about half a minute or so raise both your arms up in a slow swinging motion as shown in the video below

When you have finished the exercises above stand in the first Jam Jong position for a short while, maybe a minute or two if you have the time:

First Jam Jong Position

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Stand with arms by your side look forwards and relax with feet shoulder width apart and and imagine that you are being help up by a piece of string that goes from the top of your head down to your dantian, approx. two inches inside your body and about 1-2 inches below your navel.

When you have finished this stand in the second Jam Jong Position for a short while maybe 1-2 minutes



Second Jam Jong Position

second position

Arms out in front of you holding an imaginary ball with smaller balls under your arm pits, back straight legs slightly bent legs shoulder width apart look forwards relax and imagine a piece of string holding you up that runs from the top of your head and ends at the dantian which is about 2 inches inside your body and about 1-2 inches below your navel when you have finished standing for a minute or two rub your hands together and again “Wash” your face for a short while, now you are ready for breakfast. Her is a quick recipe that you can try to give you a quick health boost.

Breakfast Energy Bars

This quick recipe will make approximately 12 bars, each bar has about 254 Calories


100 g of butter

200 g clear honey

200 g rolled oats

150 g mixed seeds

100 g toasted flaked almonds

100 sultanas

50 g ground almonds

2 tsp sesame seeds

How to make

1 Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius or gas mark 4

2 Heat the butter and honey in a saucepan until the butter has melted.

3 Stir in the remaining ingredients except the sesame seeds and press into a 22 cm square baking tin

4 Sprinkle over the sesame seeds

5 Bake for 15

minutes until golden brown.

6 Allow to cool slightly before cutting into 12 bars.

7 Leave in the tin to cool completely

Just doing this simple routine on as many mornings as you can could help to kick start your morning appetite, it can be hard to change  usual patterns but if we can start slowly I am certain that you will feel more energized, eager and raring to go,just changing small things can make a big difference in the long run. Just standing can give your body the slight jolt that it needs to give you a morning appetite for breakfast and this can help you to control your weight.

Eat Breakfast and lose weight!

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content provided by NHS Choices