About Me

Hi my name is Conroy, I have as far as I can remember been interested in and fascinated by martial arts. I think it started when I heard about Bruce Lee a small man with a big heart. I was always awestruck by the fact that this awesome little fellow could protect himself and others from bullies. I found this of great interest so I thought how can I learn how to do these things.




My first encounter with a master

I was 15 years old when I was first introduced to anyone that could do the sort of things that Bruce Lee could do. The man I met was called Nick and he was an instructor in Karate, he politely introduced himself to me, I was awe struck, he was wearing a white suit and a black belt, wow I thought this man must be a Ninja or something (I’d heard of them as well as Bruce Lee) When I started to train with Nick I wanted to learn everything all at the same time, I thought to myself just show everything that you know so that I can go out and look after myself. It took me a while to realize that it is a process and you must work from a foundation and build up knowledge


karate master

A very early Karateka