How Many Calories Burned Walking A Mile

How many calories burned walking a mile

The latest research has concluded that going to a gym to burn calories to lose weight is a waste of both time and money. How many calories burned walking a mile

According to scientists from City University New York, doing too much strenuous exercise has a negative effect on fat loss, in a study of 300 gym goers they found that doing too much exercise triggers a no response because the body becomes immune to burning calories when it is over stimulated by exercise, the 300 volunteers that took part in the week long test noticed that when they went to the gym for that week they had not burned any extra calories because they had done extra work.

Professor Herman Pontzer said

” The most physically active of them expended the same calories as the moderately active.”

A heart expert Dr. Aseem Malhorta, of Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey UK said “exercise for health, no for weight loss. The key to shifting excess pounds is cutting out the bad, unnecessary calories in your diet.”

So you can see that here are two eminent and respected members of the medical profession telling us that over doing it at the gym has no positive effect on the amount of calories that we burn.

Armed with this information we don’t need to be grunting and groaning to lose pounds, but if you still like the idea of burning the same amount of calories as someone who is grunting and groaning then I may have one solution for you that you can try in your own home.


Walking The Bagua Way

Bagua is an old form of Chinese martial art that has some very easy and good exercises built in it’s very simple and easy to walk in a circle you don’t need any special equipment, all you need is a bit of space a few feet square is all you need. First stand in the first Jam Jong position

First Jam Jong position



To stand in this position is easy, all you have to do is keep your back straight look forwards, keep your arms at your sides relaxed and slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart shoulders nice and relaxed, this position can be held for a minute or two or longer if you have the time or if you just feel that you want to, once you have stood in this position for the length of time that you want then it’s time to do the next part which is to walk in a circle, sound simple? It is. so lets do it. Below is video showing just how simple it is: Raise your arms above your head and circle them down to the front of your body hold them just above your navel or your dantian keep them in this position and walk in a circle, breathing and focusing your breath down towards the navel, you can walk around in this position for as long as you wish but if you are not sure how long to do it then I have put a ling here Free calorie burn calculator  that will show you how many calories you are burning per minute that you walk

Small Circle Bagua Walking

When you have finished walking just stand either in the first Jam Jong position

Wu Chi First Jam Jong Position

wu chi

or if you feel like a slightly longer workout you can stand in the second Jam Jong position before ending your session

Second Jam Jong Position

second positionFeet shoulder width apart, back straight, arms out in front holding and imaginary large ball eyes forward shoulders, neck head muscles relaxed and comfortable knees very slightly bent, imagine small balls beneath your arm pits and a large ball under your bum.

After you complete these exercises just do what you had planned for the  rest of the day or go to bed if you do this before you go to sleep.